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All Dakota Ridge Sports Association sports that require a uniform to be purchased through the association will have designated fitting times.  These times will offer the opportunity for a player to try on a sample of the uniform that will be used in the regular season.  This will ensure that the player and their family, as well as the uniform company, have the correct size.  ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND AT LEAST ONE OF THE FITTINGS THAT ARE OFFERED FOR THEIR SPORT IN ORDER TO RECEIVE A UNIFORM.
If you do not attend a uniform fitting for your sport, or you register past the deadline, Dakota Ridge Sports Association WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GUARANTEE THE FOLLOWING:
  1.  Delivery of uniform by the beginning of the season
  2. Exact size availability
  3. Number Choice – you will be given whatever number is available – no choice.
A player must attend the fitting with a parent/guardian.  The parent/guardian of the player must sign the uniform fitting sheet to guarantee that sizes have been recorded correctly.  If there is a sizing mistake and the player needs a new uniform or piece of a uniform, the player will be responsible for the replacement cost.